#48, Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies, p. 80

Remember the old peanut butter versus chocolate argument? You don’t have to decide — you can have an abundance of both in this unbelievable brownie! (p. 80)


What do you do when teenagers can’t think of anything to do but stare into the screen of a laptop? Invite them to bake something they’ll love eating! In this case… a multi-step brownie recipe.


I sort of wonder why the Magnolia bakers call this a brownie. It seems more like a “bar”of some sort. A very good some-sort.IMG_1118

Multi-step? Cookie? Brownie? What would Shrek say?


Well….. What layers?

1) Crust (therefore the cookie/bar ref) – melted butter, flour, confectioner’s sugar, chopped peanuts.

  • camoji 2
    Next tool? A small rolling pin? Any other ideas? Still, kinduh fun to apply the baker’s personal, hands-on touch.

2) Filling – cream cheese and peanut butter (mainly) —– Total YUM !!!

3) Brownie – flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, chocolate, AND peanut butter chips !!

( You can see the peanut factor is multiplying.)

Remember the "teenager" remark earlier? This gif shows what was substituted for the computer screen.
Remember the “teenager” remark earlier? This gif shows what was substituted for the computer screen.

Garnish – MORE peanut butter chips — I failed to add these – for reasons to be explained.



Lava swirl perfection.


Why no final sprinkling of peanut butter chips?


Willie says it better than I do.

11 thoughts on “#48, Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies, p. 80

    1. I simply ran out of time — “Gee ain’t it funny, how time just slips away.” The brownie was still liquid at a time when we had to leave for a Thanksgiving gathering. So I gave it 5 extra minutes, turned the oven off, and walked out the door. THEY WERE AWSOME !!!
      So now you see how my brain really works. If you still don’t see a great connection, at least you got to enjoy Willie Nelson sing and play his guitar in his quintessential style.


  1. #46 The absolutely delicious lemon pound cake for the Admin team…Thank you for that slice of heaven. We had a 30 min meeting and when we got back, more than half the cake was gone! Goes to show you that even though we are hidden away back there, anyone wanting cake will find us! #determination And #45 Chocolate drop cookies, which I want to make my little cousins for Christmas this year!


  2. Two recent recipients were the Rockies Little League team with chocolate chip drop cookies and the Admin office received a super yummy vanilla pound cake! And along with Admin, blog followers also got to share which worked out great for me! Thanks!


  3. #45, Lemon Vanilla Bundt Cake was divine. It was perfectly paired with a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ cup of tea. Thank you for being such a thoughtful neighbour and colleague. #41, Blueberry Coffee Cake with Vanilla Glaze is another recipe I look forward to trying out for tea time. However, #48 is screaming for an espresso to complement the rich chocolaty goodness. Yum!


  4. Love this. Target Group 1 – HS SS – Apple cake; Targer Group 2 – last week’s duty roster – pear cake with sugar glaze. Both were delectable! Merci Tim!!


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