#19 Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Butterscotch Chips and Pecans (Walnuts), p. 78

These are really dense, really fudgy brownies. (p. 78)

Recipe not available online.

This is gonna be a chocolate blast off. 1.25 pounds of chocolate in one pan of brownies.

I wonder if any of my French III followers will take a peek this morning to see what goodies have been prepared for them. Yep. I promised them I would make something for them to enjoy while taking a listening test.

This might just qualify for “the fewest ingredients” award for the recipes I’ve made so far. If you reduced this to a pure chocolate brownie without nuts or butterscotch, it certainly would be. I’ve never made brownies before. I was surprised by how little flour was used in relation to the other ingredients, but I was equally excited. Why? All that chocolate! And the description by the authors! I have always loved dense, chewy, chocolaty brownies. I really don’t like cake-like brownies. Well, I now know how to make my favorite kind. I just did it!!

Look at that chocolaty BLOB! Wuhoo! Dude! Yo! I’m having a hard time processing this. (I thought only French cheese could make me feel this way.)

OK. OK. Look even closer at this black hole of YUM!

The black hole of Chocolaty Yum.
Star date 2014. “Number One. Chart a course for the black hole of Chocolaty Yum. Engage!”

The recipe was built for an 8×8 inch pan. I doubled the recipe and put in a larger, shallow cake pan, as this was destined for a group of 16 teenagers. I “knew” this was gonna turn out great with only one looming question of fear. Would this stick to the pan? The directions called for the pan to be greased and floured. It did. I think everything is gonna be A-O-K.


Time to get this to those who matter.

See ya later!

15 thoughts on “#19 Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Butterscotch Chips and Pecans (Walnuts), p. 78

  1. That was an amazing recipe! All the ingredients really blended nicely, which the fudge brownie. It was really delicious, and it really gave us the brain food power for our listening test 😀 Our class is always openand happy to try out your recipes anytime for taste testing in the future! 😛


  2. I haven’t had brownies in such a long time and this recipe reminded me how much I love them! Thank you Monsieur Coble 😀


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