#14 Banana Bread with Coconut and Pecans (Walnuts), p. 11

The bedtime story below was written after posting this title and pictures (from the web). I did this so that my colleagues on the 4th Grade team might have an opportunity to comment on the treat they shared earlier in the day.

It’s time for bed.

“Can you read me a story?”

images images-1


Supper’s done. Bath’s are finished. Teeth are brushed. Lights are out. Prayers are said…..

“Lights are out,” I said.

– But someone left a light on in the kitchen.

(Sniff. Sniff.) Am I dreaming already, or do I smell cinnamon and bananas?

– Shhhh. Papi said it was time to go to bed. Lights out.

Shhh, yourself. I can’t sleep with a banana cake baking and making me hungry all over again. I’m gonna see what Papi’s up to.


That’s not Papi! Where’s Papi?

– Shhh. Hey! Papi’s asleep. Someone else is in the kitchen doing the baking.

Better go wake up Papi.

– No. Are you kidding? Let Papi sleep. Looks like this desert is gonna be smurfalicious. Go back to sleep and pretend this didn’t happen. Mommy won’t believe us. But looks like we’ll have banana bread for breakfast.

You’re right. I wonder if there’ll be hot chocolate too.

– I don’t know. But let’s go to sleep. I’m tired. Sooner to sleep. Sooner to breakfast and a bite of that bread.


– Night.

2 thoughts on “#14 Banana Bread with Coconut and Pecans (Walnuts), p. 11

  1. The 4th grade team LOVED their special treat today! I was the lucky one who got to bring the leftovers home for the kids! Thank you! James has a picture of all of us enjoying it.

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