#24, Shelley’s Cherry Squares

“This recipe comes from Shelley Sinko, who baked at Magnolia for many years. It’s based on a cookie that her mom made when she was growing up.”(p. 73)

7 ingredients + one espresso with cinnamon for the morning baker


Today’s my birthday!!!! Why am I not baking a cake? Someone else has that chore today. This is such a simple recipe. I knew I needed something simple and easy after missing a week of baking.  Let’s take a look at it.

IMG_0948-1 Ready for the oven. Cool fun!

Let’s have a closer look!

IMG_0949 Stop talking and get these in the oven!

TWO LITTLE DETOURS: First, I have used a can of dark cherries in syrup instead of “cherry pie filling” as called for in the recipe. Just couldn’t find the right stuff at the grocers when I was there. Well, not too bad a deal. I cooked the dark cherries a bit and added some corn starch to thicken the syrup. I believe it did nicely. The second little detour I made has been in applying the confectioners sugar at the end. I didn’t sprinkle it or sift it over the top of the squares. I filled each little cherry well with 1/4 teaspoon of the sugar. See?

IMG_0950 Finishing touch.

Where will this treat land today? (We’ll see whose reading this blog.) High School Science department and IB French Year 2 students.

Have a sweet day!