#25, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, p. 58

“For those of you who can’t resist adding peanut butter to deserts.” (p. 58)

Always begin with a vision – or – Planning by Backwards Design

What’s the good word?


I’ve been baking all recipes so far this fall using walnuts where pecans were called for. Why? Because there were no pecans in Doha at the time. But times have changed. Pecans are in. Dare I tell you where? Ok. Family Foods. I left a couple of bags for the rest of Doha. So, hurry if you want some.  I did learn that walnuts are great in just about any baked treat where pecans are called for. But I know that only goes so far. You can’t build a southern US pecan pie with walnuts. I’d be accused of being a liberal New Englander – equivalent to a special curse out of Harry Potter for someone coming from Texas. But enough of that. What have I done with this newfound treasure?

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies


photo 1
Step 1: Toast the coarsely chopped pecans for 15 minutes (10 I’d say) in a 350 degree oven
photo 2
Get everything else ready to go.
photo 3-1
Definitely zoom in on this one.

NOTE: Notice that there is a metal spatula in this dough. Actually, it’s an Italian gelato scoop. I have three great silicon spatulas to use. So why use the gelato scoop? Because the dough is so dense and the amount of STUFF I’m forcing into that dough is SO MUCH that I needed a no-compromise tool.

photo 1
Another ice cream scoop for cookie perfection.
photo 4

DETOUR: My cookies are all larger than called for in the recipe – but I will not abandon this size. It creates a great cookie IF, IF, IF, you adjust the cooking time. The cooking time for this cookie was 10-12 minutes. My cookies needed at least 14 minutes. The first batch was not fully cooked –  even though gooey good for people like me. The 14 minute batch turned out better.

Gotta run! Next story is about Vanilla Pecan Brownies