#34, Blondies with White and Dark Chocolate Chunks

“A moist and chewy butterscotch bar with two kinds of chocolate and lots of walnuts.” (p. 82)


– OR –

My reluctant biscotti

My first confection with real white chocolate. A birthday treat for a special girl who just turned 13.

What’s the meaning of this “reluctant biscotti” tag? Well (Please allow me to say “well” a lot. I don’t know what else to substitute to introduce my unexpectedness, excuse-making remarks.).. Well, these chewy brownies turned out like crusty biscotti. OK, they were a little more moist than biscotti, but not much. They were crusty, crumbly, tastey, but very cookie like and not chewy – except maybe for a couple of squares toward the middle of the pan. But, HEY!, I’ve already jumped to the end right at the beginning. What’s that about? Hmmmm. And what if my life-sharing friends and family don’t agree with my assessment? HEY-HEY, it’s their/your assessment that really counts. Reserving just a little space for the francophone artist in me that gets to throw a fit about his cooking no matter what the world says — but just a very little space. OK?

Hmmm. How did this begin? Where did it all start? Aha!

It started with these goodies. But I decided not to include the kisses – even though these were a birthday treat.

And where’d it go from there? Oh yah. Now I remember.

Brown sugar, butter, flour + 2 eggs = the brownie dough

And then what? Then what?

Then what? What else?

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Looks can be deceiving? I need my taste testers from lower elementary Art department to let me know what they think about this brownie that I call “my reluctant biscotti”.


Think I’ll take this outside for my morning wake up.

HUMILITY NOTE: From the beginning of this blog, my goal has been to establish a standard skill set to produce the product in a consistent way before going my own way. It’s easy to say, “Hey it didn’t work out, but it was still good.” This MAY be such a case, although this brownie-turned-cookie is open for critique. There are some recipes in the book for pie. I think one of them is called “Humble”. (wink)

#33 Pumpkin Walnut Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting (p. 41)

A “spicy cakelike cookie”. (p. 41)


This recipe went off without a hitch.

Portentious (sp?) picture? Icing on top, cookie below.

In you go!


Out of the oven…


Add a little something extra…

Brown butter frosting and a walnut half to be exact.

Then back into the fire .. so to speak.


Got to give these away. Got any ideas?


#32 Apple Pecan Quick Bread (p.22)

“Here’s a terrific quick bread for any time of the day. This bread is great when lightly toasted and spread with some cream cheese.” (p. 22)


Such a quick and easy thing to make.

The quick breads ARE easy. Hard to find an excuse not to make one, especially if you plan on sharing it.

Love putting fruit into oven-baked goodies.

Just stir.

But don’t stir too much. Keeps things tender.

Pop it in. Pop it back out.


Pop it back in again.

See how easy that was!

This is an “apples and oranges” delight – judging by the way my kids went after it.