#16 Dried Cherry Crumb Buns, p. 12

“Dried cherries give a new twist to the traditional breakfast crumb bun, and you don’t need to worry about their being in season.”(p. 12)


This could be my favorite recipe so far – I know. I know. I’ve got a long way to go.

I normally save the end product for the last photo, but it’s first this go round. I didn’t take many pictures of this process. It seemed so straight forward, another “18 large muffin tins” recipe that only produced 10 for me. I’m not complaining. The moment I started to lift these darlings out of their muffin nest, I thought, “these are the lightest, fluffiest, most delicate muffins I’ve ever made.” I ate half of one. I was right. It was scrumptioulamous. (Yep, it was better than scrumptious.)

The topping did require a bit of elbow grease. It has only 3 ingredients: flour,  light brown sugar, butter. Magnolia instructs us to cut the butter into the flour with a pastry cutter. I invested in a new food processor to do just that, but stuck to the older, low-tech method as suggested.


I finally arrived at the desired “pea sized” butter+flour+sugar mixture.

1 of 10.

I recommend this recipe to everyone following this blog and pondering which recipe to try for themselves. For my Doha friends, dried cherries are available at Mega Mart. The recipe calls for buttermilk. I’m not sure if Mega Mart has buttermilk or not. I substitute buttermilk with Laban. It’s not as thick as most American buttermilks, but it has a nice tanginess that works well.

Please allow me to repeat myself: light, fluffy, delicate, tangy sweet, scrumptioulamous.

Now…… Our family is only consuming 4 of these 10 beauties. Question is, where will the other 6 land tomorrow? We’ll see. Any suggestions?