Strawberry Shortcake (a.k.a. #75)

“Here is an old-fashioned favorite that doesn’t seem to go out of style. ”

Excerpt From: Jennifer Appel. “The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook.” iBooks.



As it turns out, I had some strawberries left over from the previous recipe. So, I looked around (or rather, inside the Magnolia cookbook) and found a recipe for strawberry shortcake. “Waste not. Want not.”

But, for some reason, I was in a hurry to get this one done. Oops. Getting in a hurry while baking usually spells trouble. And, well, a bit of trouble followed.

A tender, buttery, light cake. Well worth making and well worth waiting for – to avoid breakdown.


What was I thinking? I dunno. I thought I could lift this cake out of its tin well before the suggested cool-down period. SEE?! Now I get it. THAT’S why they say let it rest and cool down for a few minutes. Cake and cookies are generally very tender and prone to come apart if handled right out of the oven. They tend to solidify in the cooler air of room temperature. As you can see, the main cake fell all apart.


Lemons… lemonade. Torn cake…….?

Strawberry shortcake parfait!!

Yo doodle!! No complaints here.

What about “plus-que-parfait”?

Oooh. Cool idea – I think – but it didn’t quite hold up in presentation mode.

Worth doing again. I would pursue the parfait idea more on purpose next time. I like the small tartlet idea too. Needs more thinking.


(It’s bedtime where I live. At least, it’s bedtime for bakers.)

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