#46 Chocolate Chocolate Chip Drop Cookies, p. 49

An old-fashioned chewy chocolate cookie with little extra bursts of chocolate from the miniature chips. (p.49)


There are lots of cookies in the Magnolia cookbook still to go, but as I make my seventh cookie recipe, I gain a new appreciation for the difficulty of getting it just right. I want to make a great cookie, not just an ok cookie or even a good cookie, but a great one. And I want to do it consistently. I have not done either of those things yet.

My latest effort, the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Drop Cookies are my latest disappointment. Not a disaster. Kind kids say, “Pretty good!”

Not the cookies of Patisserie Chezbonneau

These cookies promised to be chocolaty yumminess to the N-th degree. You could just smell the rich, dark chocolate that was melted for the batter. But my old problem of not attending to detail in cookie cooking plagued yet another batch.

  1. One batch spread too far AND I didn’t cook them long enough.
    1. Why? I tried to squeeze these out as a present to my son’s baseball team. I wanted to be there for the final two innings and time was running out. I yanked the cookies out of the oven, left them on their cookie sheet and took them to the game. The cookies wouldn’t hold together, but if you like gooey chocolate yum, they didn’t dissapoint.
  2. Second batch (I made a double recipe) I baked too long – allowing myself to become distracted.
    1. This batch would have good clay pigeons for skeet shooting.

OLD LESSONS: Cool the batter down if you want your cookie to stand up and not spread out like an amoeba. In fact, fear not to freeze them. THAT’S what I’m gonna do for the next batch of “drop”cookies that I make. I will make them into a LOG and (at least nearly) freeze them, then bake them.


Mentioned above, I baked these for my son’s baseball team, the Rockies.

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