#42, Banana Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

This recipe came about because Allysa wanted to make a banana cake using butter instead of the traditional oil as the shortening. The result is a cake with a very different and quite lovely texture, and it’s perfectly complemented by the white chocolate icing. (p. 115)



Thank you Crumm.com for the pic. I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures this morning. This is only the third cake from Magnolia that I’ve baked. I enjoyed the early morning in the quiet kitchen,


but things heated up a bit when at 6:30 am:

1) I was reminded that we had a 7:15 meeting at school,

2) everyone but me was still in bed,

3) the cake hadn’t yet been iced,

4) breakfast wasn’t ready (although a bowl full of Martha Stewart inspired pancake batter was ready to go!), and

5) lunches weren’t made.

Well, off with the monastic calm and on with the firefighter’s rush to have everything in order and out the door in time.

LEARNED: Don’t put a freshly made layer cake in the trunk of a car and expect it to be standing when you get to where you’re going. Ask someone to hold it instead. I failed to do that and it looked like something out of Disney when we got to school.

Luckily mine was only two layers – I managed to right the wrong and regained its former beauty.

When I got to school and saw the landslide, I got upset. So, being the economically minded couple that my wife and I are, she reasoned that it was her turn to be calm and rational and mine to do the opposite. Contrary to my normal testosterone laden, cortisol restricted behavior, I listened, and had the cake looking better than ever in a matter of minutes. Thanks, sweetheart.


So who ended up with this cake today?

Today’s cake was made for the delight of the high school teachers who have hallway and dining hall duty this week.

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.” (Mary Poppins)


There, there now children. I’m afraid I’ve run out of sugar. But I do have a delightful piece of cake.


5 thoughts on “#42, Banana Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

  1. Keep up a delicious work Mr. Coble! I’m still going to follow this blog when I leave Doha, so I can see whats been going on 🙂 Your a great baker too by the way.


  2. Hey Mr. Coble, your French III class in Block One wouldn’t mind trying out your amazing baking treats! Oh my gosh, the cakes, all of them look amazing! It makes me feel so hungry 😛 I think I’ll try out some of the recipes for home!


  3. Such a delight to have this wonderful concoction for dessert when I completed lunch duty today! Thank you, thank you! PS If I do an extra week of lunchroom duty, will you make another treat for me? 🙂 Just kidding — but it WAS marvy!


  4. What a fabulous surprise for dessert today. The cake was so moist and because of the white chocolate frosting had a hard time deciding if I was eating a carrot cake with a less strong cream cheese frosting, or banana cake. (FYI, it is usually a toss up between carrot or banana cake being my favorite cake to eat, so this was particularly satisfying because it tasted like a perfect combination of both. I had no idea that white chocolate could make such a great frosting. Thank you so much!


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