#41, Blueberry Coffee Cake with Vanilla Glaze

This light and moist coffee cake is simple to prepare and makes a good addition to breakfast or brunch.


Well, the authors of the Magnolia Cookbook suggested this cake for a breakfast of brunch, so I chose breakfast (for guests).

My wife invited some quilting friends over for a morning quilting social this past weekend and I was volunteered to cook. Fine by me. It is such a complement to be asked this favor and an opportunity for an early morning weekend smile on the faces of those who matter most.

Hey, Grumpy! How ’bout some fresh blueberry cake that Snow White’s prince charming just made?

Well, maybe. But it needs some icing on it. Just look at that. Who ever heard of such a thing?IMG_1059

Grumpy, You got a point. How ’bout this?

Now that’s more like it!

But it might not taste as good as it looks.

But it DID taste as good as it looked.

I highly recommend this cake, as did the authors, for a morning or brunch coffee cake. It is very, very light, moist and delicious – as per my family and friends. Please do yourself a favor and bake this cake.

It will definitely bring a smile to your face.


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