#40, White Chocolate Pecan Drop Cookies

Two of Allysa’s favorite ingredients—toasted pecans and creamy white chocolate— together in what is definitely the most often baked cookie at her house.


These cookies were baked to keep a birthday promise for some of my French 3 students. We had an unusual class that day, spending the entire period playing a series of games in French (Monopoly, Scrabble, Guess who) and putting together French jigsaw puzzles (Mont St. Michel, Astérix). The cookies added to the festive atmosphere.

What about these cookies? Nothing really new discovered, but an old problem revisited.

“SOFTENED BUTTER” – No doubt that the temperature of the butter can make a big difference in the way a cookie turns out.

Guess which ones started out to warm?

The cookies on the left went straight into the oven after mixing. They taste great, but they are more difficult to control in terms of baking time. A bit too little, and it tastes not quite cooked and falls apart. A bit too much and they get hard and brittle quickly.

The cookies on the right came from batter that spent about 10 minutes in the fridge after mixing to allow them to firm up a bit. I also chilled the cookie sheet to help keep the cookies keep a better shape. A better cookie, I think, especially to offer to someone else.

2 thoughts on “#40, White Chocolate Pecan Drop Cookies

  1. But the ones on the left look like they might be a bit softer, almost more chewy….which I tend to like. Did they taste the same?


    1. I like chewy cookies too. They seemed sweeter to me. The ones on the left stayed in the oven a little too long. The best cookie is in between the two in the picture – it has yet to be made by me. Next time!


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