#34, Blondies with White and Dark Chocolate Chunks

“A moist and chewy butterscotch bar with two kinds of chocolate and lots of walnuts.” (p. 82)


– OR –

My reluctant biscotti

My first confection with real white chocolate. A birthday treat for a special girl who just turned 13.

What’s the meaning of this “reluctant biscotti” tag? Well (Please allow me to say “well” a lot. I don’t know what else to substitute to introduce my unexpectedness, excuse-making remarks.).. Well, these chewy brownies turned out like crusty biscotti. OK, they were a little more moist than biscotti, but not much. They were crusty, crumbly, tastey, but very cookie like and not chewy – except maybe for a couple of squares toward the middle of the pan. But, HEY!, I’ve already jumped to the end right at the beginning. What’s that about? Hmmmm. And what if my life-sharing friends and family don’t agree with my assessment? HEY-HEY, it’s their/your assessment that really counts. Reserving just a little space for the francophone artist in me that gets to throw a fit about his cooking no matter what the world says — but just a very little space. OK?

Hmmm. How did this begin? Where did it all start? Aha!

It started with these goodies. But I decided not to include the kisses – even though these were a birthday treat.

And where’d it go from there? Oh yah. Now I remember.

Brown sugar, butter, flour + 2 eggs = the brownie dough

And then what? Then what?

Then what? What else?

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Looks can be deceiving? I need my taste testers from lower elementary Art department to let me know what they think about this brownie that I call “my reluctant biscotti”.


Think I’ll take this outside for my morning wake up.

HUMILITY NOTE: From the beginning of this blog, my goal has been to establish a standard skill set to produce the product in a consistent way before going my own way. It’s easy to say, “Hey it didn’t work out, but it was still good.” This MAY be such a case, although this brownie-turned-cookie is open for critique. There are some recipes in the book for pie. I think one of them is called “Humble”. (wink)

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