#12 Corn Muffins, p. 9


“In pursuit of the perfect corn muffin, we think we’ve got the right proportion of ingredients that create a light, moist, and not-too-sweet version of this traditional breakfast favorite.” (p. 9)

Time to get cookin’.

I can never really sleep in like some do – and I don’t regret it. If I miss my morning time being up and about while everyone else is still lost in their dreams, I feel like I cheated myself of the best part of the day. So… armed with my pot of espresso and my “batterie de cuisine” (all the kitchen tools), things look promising.

This recipe is the very first in the Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook. I may have done it once before. At least that’s what I was told by most critical judge after the first bite. AND, by the way, this simple recipe got a big thumbs up from the one that says everyday, “I’m just not hungry. Why do you make me eat?” Just take a look. They turned out very well indeed.

Notice the empty espresso cup. Time to move on.

But this morning I had to add something extra to the morning mix.

It’s called a frittata, an Italian quiche of sorts. Easy to make and scrumptious if not left too long in the oven. And this one came out at the right time.

Yum is just around the corner.

And here is “around the corner”.

Now’s my time to call everyone to table on this Saturday morning. “À table!”


Have a great day! Looks like we’ve started a good one.

See you later.

3 thoughts on “#12 Corn Muffins, p. 9

  1. I suggest that Chezbonneau strike grade four next! Those cornbread muffins looked great. This summer I picked up a cast iron muffin dish. Only has space for six muffins. Wish I had three pans.

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