#10 Butterscotch Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies, p. 76

This was the second recipe of Monday evening and the scariest. Just take a look at that picture. Yes, take a look at it and ask yourself, “What does that look like?”

I will tell you what it reminds me of later on this page. Don’t look! Guess! Then, if you wish and think it’s appropriate, leave your COMMENT of what you think the photo resembles. Cast aside all fear. This was the favorite of the day.


photo 3
How ’bout them swirls?

Discounting my attempts at creating swirls, this recipe turned out well and good in every respect. The surface (the part not covered by cream cheese) formed that wonderful ever-so-thin crust that only brownies can have. The smooth exterior protected the moist, dense interior – hiding a goodly bit of French walnuts like the “squares” of recipe #11. Finally, the brownie was chewy – just enough to get stuck in you molars. Mmmmm.

LEARNED: Not all brownies have to be chocolate. Looks can be deceiving – I already knew that, but sometimes it’s so hard to “believe” what you already know. Does that make sense? Earthy walnuts calm the storm of the intense sugar rush of two cups of butterscotch.

DETOUR: None. All went as expected – except for the swirls. Now, about those swirls and my psychology test.

What did this pan of brownies look like to me after I tried my swirling technique with the cream cheese?


Zo tell me. Vat dit you zee emerch from zee oven?

– I saw drawings left by extraterrestrials. I’m sure they were left by the same beings that drew the Nazca lines in Peru.

Is zer zomsing more you vant to tell me?

– Oh yes. I think they wanted to tell us that they have brains like ours. That’s why the cheese looks like p. 168 of my Grey’s Anatomy textbook with a close up of the grey matter.

Ziss is disturbing.

– None of that bothered me until I saw the dinosaurs fighting each other. Can’t you see that?

How could you bring yourzelf to eat zuch a sing?

– Are you kidding? Butterscotch and cream cheese in the same bite!

Tell me. Vas zer any left over?

– Not a single bite.

One more sing.  Do you feel drawn to repeat ziss sing, ziss zwirly sing?

Only if friends ask me to.

– Are you my friend?

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